Wand Anesthesia System

the-wand-While our Solea laser often eliminates the need for anesthetic, there are still procedures that require us to numb an area of the mouth.  With the Wand, we’ve eliminated the anxiety-provoking experience of administering anesthesia through a traditional needle.

The Wand is a device that enables us to deliver just the right amount of anesthesia over time, rather than an entire dose at once.

Instead of using a traditional needle to deliver anesthesia, The Wand uses a small device that looks similar to a small pen.  In addition to reducing anxiety that comes from seeing traditional dental needles,  the Wand has several other advantages:

  • The Wand helps the numbing process to be almost completely pain-free.
  • Instead of numbing the entire jaw, we can localize numbing to a single, small area
  • Because the anesthetic is administered in smaller doses as necessary over time, patients can leave the office without still feeling numb