Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves either an at-home or in-office procedure to brighten your smile. Our practice uses the GLO and KöR teeth whitening systems.


GLO in-office whitening provides transformative results in less than an hour with no pain. It uses a high concentration whitening gel that is available exclusively to GLO’s partner dental practices. The hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth by a dentist and, when exposed to the GLO light, rapidly whitens your smile.


GLO whitening

The GLO take-home whitening kit is designed to complement your in-office treatment. It includes professional-strength whitening gel and everything else that you need to maintain your radiant smile in between teeth whitening appointments at our NYC office. The GLO take-home kit is available only from certain dental practices, including ours.

KöR Whitening

The KöR Whitening System is the most advanced and profound whitening system on the market. We usually offer this treatment for our patients with the most severe discoloration and staining. This whitening works by restoring your teeth’s youthful ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving and removing stain molecules.